Monday, April 26, 2010

New Bead Designs

I've been inspired by my Beady Muse and she's ready to make beads. Here's what she's come up with lately. Round, flat and in between there's clay and paint flying around everywhere. I've converted my mixed media studio into my bead studio. Packed away my canvas and paint brushes (well not all the paint brushes...saved some to use for painting beads of course). Mixed media art is so me. I have a hard time focusing on one medium for extended lengths of time. So, combining several hobbies into one is perfect. With polymer clay you can sculpt, paint and bead all at one time. What could be better.
Here are a few of my latest creations with clay. Simple pendants with a faux finish resembling tile pendants (oh to work with ceramics, if only I could afford a kiln...sigh). Versatile focal beads as a point of interest for a chic necklace design on chain, string or ribbon. Elegant yet simple is my motto.

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