Saturday, January 30, 2010

Remnant Fabric Collage Hearts

I like to work with fabric equally as well as with paper when I am designing my collages. This little heart is a combination of the two. I've used muslin, batting and various fabrics to create the heart shape itself. I then stuffed it with tiny treasures of found papers, shells, beads, etc. and machine stitched it in a quilted design. I like to call them remnants as it is a great way to use up little scrap pieces of fabric and ephemera that I'm sure all of us artists and crafters have lying around all over the place:)

Art Journal Techniques

Art Journal Page

This journal page uses a very interesting technique of paint combined with imagery. By painting over a found image you change the entire look of the piece. I learned this technique from a video tutorial on you tube. I'm going to try and find the video again and I'll post it on here.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Art Journal Pages

These two pages were created in my little "Journal of Faith" that I'm working in at the present.

Recycled Greeting Card Collage

5x7 recycled greeting card collage entitled Bluebird. I've recycled an unused greeting card by collaging various found papers and lace for texture. Then I pressed it flat for several days under some heavy books to ensure that it would stay flattened out.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mixed Media Collage Parrot

Another in my 5x7 series of mini collages on panels. This one is entitled The Parrot. I'm striving to use my on photographs in my collage work at the present. It brings a sense of personality into a piece.

Mixed Media Mini Art Quilt

This is a scan of one of my mini art quilts. I have not finished it yet as I'm not completely certain what I'm going to do with it. I think it would make a lovely art journal cover and most likely that's where it will end up. I've used various fabrics, laces, threads and papers to create this fabric collage mini art quilt.

Mixed Media Collage Owls

5x7 collage on canvas panel. First in a series of mini collages. I've tweeked the colors using digital enhancing to add an antique tint to it. The original is just a bit brighter. Digital enhancing really allows collage artists to continue adding new dimensions to their I may never know when it's 'finished' :)

Recycled Collage Ornament

I'm getting addicted to making these little collage ornaments. I love to make small scale collages so these small ornaments are a natural fit for me. I usually cut out many pieces of cardboard circles at one time. It's so easy to grab up one and start collaging. Quick, easy and free!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Recycled Collage Houses

Another recycled idea here....using recycled cardboard from drink boxes I created this sweet little collage house. I call it 'Angel House' since the main focus is around the cute little winged angel face. I've used paper, ribbon, silk flowers, beads and more ribbon to create this ornament. I see that it needs some sparkle though so I'm off to add glitter for some extra sparkley:)

Altered Book Page 1

Altered books are a fav for me. The idea of taking an old and sometimes discarded book and turning it into a new work of art is so inspiring. I have been working on a sweet little altered book for the past few months. Really, it should not have taken me so long to complete. As usual, I have jumped from one art project to another, quickly setting aside an unfinished collage, altered book or art journal to start anew on another project. I still have to complete the last few pages of this altered book but here is page one:)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Make A Mini Art Journal

Art Journal

I'll be posting pages from one of the smaller art journals I'm working on currently. I call this journal "Journal of Faith". I use all types of media when working in my art journals from paint and paper to found objects. As long as I can still fairly close the book it's fair game. I had previously posted many pages of my art journals but decided to re do my blog and lost everything. So, I apologize if you've already seen some of these works but maybe it will still spark an instant of creativity for you.

Recycled Collage Ornaments

I've began using recycled cardboard in some of my collage designs. These ornaments are made from recycled cardboard which I have added papers, lace, ribbons, silk flowers, etc. The tiny bits and pieces you can add to your collage the more interesting it will be. I'm an avid collector of ephemera which really helps when you are also a mixed media artist:)

Collage Shadow Boxes

This is one of my collage shadow boxes made from a recycled little box I had lying around the house. I collaged my images inside the box then I added the plastic lamenate cover and the outside ephemera. These are so fun to make. I plan on adding several of them to etsy shop (they are addictive once you start making them).
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