Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Polymer Clay Beads

I am trying my hand at sculpting some of my own original beads now. Of course, mermaids were my first endeavor. Fun, whimsical mermaid beads what could be better. I used pink shimmer sculpey clay to form them. Next, I grabbed my sculpting tools (an old pencil, pen and a pair of scissors) and started sculpting. I think I need to invest in more practical carving tools though it make may the task at hand a little simpler. These are some rough, preliminary models but I think with a little work I can come up with the 'perfect' mermaid bead LOL.


  1. I love your mermaid beads Tracy! They have an ancient pottery look to them, like something you would find in a treasure chest under the sea! ~Cindy Lietz

  2. Thank you Cindy. I find most of my polymer clay inspirations from ceramic/pottery clay artists. I love pottery and ceramics (if I only had a kiln....sigh LOL). I love the 'look' of pottery and raku pendants and that is the look I'm always striving for in my clay bead and pendant designs. Love your website. It's so informative and helpful.


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