Saturday, July 30, 2011

Great tip on glazing issues for polymer clay....

I found a great tip on one of my fav polymer clay sites on the topic of glazing your polymer clay beads. This is a great tutorial, (I positively have to get this tutorial). I have been using Sculpey Studio Glossy Glaze for several years now with no problems. I can add my own color blends with my alcohol inks and it mixes up nicely. However, I do not care for regular Sculpey has a totally different texture to it (to me). I've never tried the Future floor polish or Varathane (simply because I have not been able to find any locally). Still keeping my eyes peeled for some though....always up for new techniques and ideas. Here's a few pics of my latest designs.
P.S. I will keep editing this post as I find more great tips and ideas on polymer clay glazing. Here's another great technique (freebie) at Polymerclay Web. This is basically the way I do it. I have tweeked it here and there but this technique works wonders for a faux ceramic pendant.

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