Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gorgeous Necklace Design by Beadnoninka on Etsy

I am thrilled to showcase photos of a beautiful necklace design made by Beadnoninka on etsy. She used one of my polymer clay face cabs to make this stunning intricately embroidered beaded necklace. Her work is absolutely amazing. She makes colorful beaded embroidery jewelry designs with seed beads and mixed media pieces. I am always mesmerized when I see the work of talented artists like Beadnoninka. The time and attention to detail in each of her pieces is amazing. Take a look at more of her lovely designs on etsy at Beadnoninka


  1. Every style of jewelry is the masterpieces of famous designers. They are the essence of classics, elegance and nobility.

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  2. Tracey, i want you thanks very much :o* Jana


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