Friday, June 4, 2010

New Pendants and Earrings

I have been busy stamping up my clay pendants with some of me newest rubber stamp images. The more I read and search about polymer clay on the web the more great ideas I come across for creating unique jewelry. I must say that I have fallen away from traditional beading material now and become immersed in the world of mixed media jewelry design. The possibilities are endless. I have discovered that Sculpley III does not my first choice of clay for making my earrings and pendants. After reading an article by Cindy Lietz (beadsandbeading) on the hardiness and strength of different brands of clay I have a better idea of which ones to use for my jewelry design projects. These are a couple of my newest mixed media designs.

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  1. Hey Tracey, thanks for the mention. I appreciate that!

    There is a huge difference in quality and the way the clay behaves between the different polymer clay brands. Each has its own strengths and characteristics that make it more suitable for different applications. My favorite artist quality, all purpose clay is Premo Sculpey. It is strong, soft enough for easy conditioning and firm enough for cane work. You can sculpt it, mold it and use it for faux techniques and since the colors are based on artist pigments, they are easily mixed to create your own palettes.

    I really like your pendant and earrings! They have kind of a slate look to them with the 'carvings' and striations in them. Very lovely! ~Cindy Lietz


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